How to Get 103% of Asking Price for Your Home Guaranteed

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Because your home may well be your largest asset, selling it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

In order to sell your home successfully in today’s highly competitive market, an industry insider report has been prepared explaining how you can sell your home for 100% of the asking price providing it is priced correctly and marketed effectively.

Why it is So Important That Your Home is Correctly Priced And Marketed Properly!

While many agents may promise to sell your home for the money you want, the reality of the real estate market today is that this simply doesn’t always happen. The fact of the matter is, the majority of homes sell for a price that falls short of what the seller may have been led to believe.

There are two factors at play here. On the one hand, you need to be aware of agents who set the list price on homes at unrealistically high levels simply to get houses. This is really unfair because it can set homeowners up for disappointment and failure.

On the other hand, you have homes that are priced correctly but are marketed ineffectively. Without a proper marketing program in place to ensure a home is exposed to the highest number of qualified buyers, many home sellers feel forced to accept a lower offer.

There’s nothing worse to a home seller than to have their home sit unsold for many months because of improper pricing and/or marketing techniques.

Needless to say, either of these situations is highly frustrating to any home seller. But more than that, it can be financially crushing if you’re counting on the full proceeds of the sale of your home to fulfill some other obligation.

To prevent this scenario when selling your home, here are some points to consider before choosing the agent you want to represent you.

Deciding Upon an Agent

A good agent knows the market and has information on past sales, current houses, a marketing plan, and will provide their background and references. Evaluate each candidate carefully on the basis of their experience and qualifications.

Are they pricing your home correctly?

Home prices are determined by the marketplace, not by your emotional attachment or by what you feel your home is worth. You should work closely with an agent who will suggest establishing a realistic price for your home. They will help you to objectively compare the price, features, and condition of all similar homes in both your neighborhood and other similar ones which have sold in recent months. It is also important to be familiar with the terms of each potential sale. Terms are often as important as price in today’s market.

Do they set themselves apart from the others by offering innovative marketing plans to sell your home fast and for top dollar?

Will they set up an aggressive marketing program to ensure your home is exposed to hundreds of qualified buyers? How much money does this agent spend in advertising the homes s/he lists versus other agents? In what media do they advertise (newspaper, magazine, Facebook, Google, TV, online, etc.) What does this agent know about the effectiveness of one medium over the other?

Are they accountable to you?

In other words, when they promise to sell your home for the price you mutually agree upon, do they offer you a guarantee (in writing) that you will get this amount of money for your home?

Your Home Sold For 103% of the Asking Price Guaranteed

A new and innovative program that we offer actually guarantees, in writing, that you will receive 103% of the mutually agreed-upon price for your home before you list.

Here’s How it Works!

When you list your home with us, here’s what happens:

  1. This agent will review the 103% of the Asking Price Guarantee program with you and explain the details. (See a sample of information, on the reverse side, that may be found in such a certificate.)
  2. They will then ensure that an aggressive marketing program is put in place to ensure your home is exposed to hundreds of qualified buyers.
  3. They will also review what is required on your part to have your home in “showcase” condition in order to maximize the showing of your home to prospective buyers.
  4. No empty promises. These agents put their money where their mouths are. They are accountable to you. The guarantee is in writing. If your home sale does not net you the price promised, these agents will pay you the difference out of their own pockets.

For any questions regarding any of these points, or to ask about our 103% of Asking Price Guarantee please reach us at (714)-406-1414.

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