Be the Best Home on the Block When Selling

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Lucas Smith
Thursday, June 23rd, 2022
By Lucas Smith

When home sellers are planning to put their homes on the market, how do they make them the best homes available in the neighborhood?

Here are a couple of things to know when you are selling your home:

Most people do not sell a home very often

Some people have never had that experience. In my years of selling real estate, one of the biggest hurdles that people feel they are facing is, "I have to do all this stuff to get my house ready for sale," and the variety of things I have heard vary from simple cleanup paint and carpet to a total remodel, or even adding a pool or that entertainers backyard.

My advice on this is simply to talk to your realtor about how much homes are selling for in your market area with the improvements you are planning to do vs without those improvements. It's simple: if the improvement is going to increase your overall sale price at least as much or more than the cost and effort of doing the improvement then do it. If it's not, then I would seriously ask myself, "Is it worth it?"

Technology has changed, and marketing has changed significantly

Let's face it, here in the 21st century marketing is about online presence and exposure. The old days of putting up a for-sale sign, house on the MLS, and holding an open house to sell the home are long gone.

Make sure that the agent that you are hiring to sell your home has the plan to market your home to get the most exposure for your home in order to attract the most buyers. Or you could simply call us, The Smith Team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. We have over 57,000 buyers in our database as a result of our amazing marketing systems. In fact, we might already have a buyer for your home.

Buyers will eliminate homes that they are viewing online in less than 1 minute

Failure to plan is planning to fail! The most common mistake I see other agents make is not having their clients' homes properly prepared for the photo shoot such as the house is not properly cleaned, decluttered, and staged, and the photos are shot on some sort of smartphone usually by the agent, rather than have a professional photographer do the photo shoot.

A professional photo shoot usually takes planning and preparation, and a good photographer will spend between 1-3 hours shooting your home. If this is not what's occurring on your house, or as soon as you sign a contract the agent pulls out their cell phone and starts shooting your "marketing photos" you should immediately tear up the contract you just signed with them.

It's sad to say that most agents spend less than $89 a month on marketing! Ask your agent what they spend on marketing. This will tell you what they are planning to spend on your home. As we are a marketing-focused company, we spend thousands of dollars per month on our marketing, and that's why we have so many ready willing and able buyers in our database.